Joel Knopf, M.Sc., MBA

Vice President, Consulting Services

For over a decade, Mr. Joel Knopf has been a prominent figure on FreeMind Group’s consulting team, managing complex projects for many of FreeMind’s clients and in diverse scientific fields. In this capacity, Mr. Knopf headed several of FreeMind’s biggest projects, including a $67M vaccine development contract and a $35M structural genomics contract, as well as several multi-million dollar grants. Through these efforts, Mr. Knopf has sharpened his client management expertise and has been key to FreeMind’s remarkable retention rate with existing clients.

During his years as consultant, Mr. Knopf has gained valuable non-dilutive funding expertise, both strategically in terms of plotting out future plans with companies as well as ample hands-on experience. In 2012, Mr. Knopf was named Manager of Consulting Services at FreeMind, and in 2020 he became Vice President, Consulting Services.

Mr. Knopf holds a M.Sc. with exceeding excellence in Biochemistry and Molecular biology, and an MBA with excellence. He has three scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and several abstracts presented in scientific conferences.