Things to Consider Before Applying for a Grant

Funding institutions and organizations receive thousands of applications a year, going through the selective process of which proposals should be funded and which shouldn’t. After all the hard work of writing a grant proposal, with all the meticulous information, important details, and keeping a close eye on the deadlines, many proposals are rejected.

So how can you make sure that you are not wasting your time writing a grant proposal?

Here are a few things to consider before creating your grant application:

  1. Funding Opportunity Relevance

First and foremost, make sure you do in-depth research into the funding opportunity and what it has been created for. Ask yourself “does this funding opportunity and resulting grant award align with our R&D needs?” It is important to make sure which field of research the opportunity is targeted to and what type of project it was created to fund.

  1. Meeting the Funding Opportunity Requirements

If the funding opportunity is relevant in terms of field of research, it is important to consider its requirements. Every solicitation has specific guidelines and requirements that need to be met by the applicants, therefore don’t waste your time writing a grant application where you don’t meet the required expectations.

  1. Enough Resources

Filling out a grant application is not a simple task. Every application has intrinsic and sometimes time-consuming stages that require time and effort on behalf of the applicant. Preparing a grant application is not usually a simple feat, and requires coordination amongst individuals and teams, so it is important to make sure you have the available resources and time to submit a proposal.

One of the simpler solutions to ensuring you have covered all your bases is to outsource the grant writing to professionals, and that is where we step in!

We make sure to cater to every life sciences company, researcher, and institution, recommending the relevant funding opportunities and providing step by step guidelines to ensure a successful grant application.

So let us do the thinking and work together to create a grant writing strategy that is suited to the funding opportunity.