RESI Europe 2024

RESI Europe conference is a great platform that connects start-ups and early-stage investors and strategic channel partners, as part of the RESI conference series.

RESI maximizes fundraising companies’ efforts to find partners who are a fit for their technology and stage of development. RESI is uniquely cross-border and cross-domain, connecting start-ups with 10 categories of global investors across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health (4 Ds). RESI caters to both the earliest stage start-ups, those seeking grants, seed and angel capital, and the early-stage firms who seek series A and B funding. RESI is a unique and powerful tool for sourcing assets and advancing innovation across early-stage life science and healthcare.

Head on over to Barcelona on June 17 for RESI Europe and have access to:

  • Panels & Workshops
  • Expert Speakers
  • Networking Opportunities
  • 1×1 Partnering Meetings