19th Annual Non-Dilutive Funding Summit

The 19th Non-Dilutive Funding Summit brought together hundreds of life science industry leaders with representatives from some of the leading funding agencies including ARPA-H, SEED, NINDS, NHLBI, NIMHD, NCI and more, giving attendees the opportunity to learn more in-depth about what non-dilutive funding opportunities are available and relevant for their R&D directly from the funding agencies.

Additionally, the 2023 FreeMind Elite honorees from AmplifiDx, Sapience Therapeutics, Marker Therapeutics, and Vincere Biosciences took to the stage to present about their compies research and pipelines.

This free summit is hosted by the FreeMind Group. FreeMind helps companies secure non-dilutive funding for life science R&D and wins over $100 million each year for clients. Follow us on LinkedIn or get our newsletter for news about non-dilutive funding opportunities, announcements about conferences with the best partnering, and discounts for those conferences. The 20th Non-Dilutive Funding Summit will be January 8, 2025.

“Introducing FreeMind Group’s Suite of AI Tools”

The FreeMind Group will be launching our new, custom-built suite of AI tools for internal use in order to make the grant application process more smooth and efficient. GenAI exploded into our lives, yet security, reputable data sources, and output accuracy remain a challenge. That is why we have created a system specifically trained to help write grants that is 100% secure, protecting IP and confidentiality. Our grant writers will have access to an in-house, custom-built GPT with queries remaining secure within the closed system.

This Suite of AI Tools will support the whole application preparation process, from stategy to documentation to validation, addressing all areas of the application.

This system is trained on over 25 years of experience, including approx. 5000 of our submissions, including corresponding reviews.

Our AI system will be able to search for funding opportunities, devise a granting strategy, and build a biosketch in minutes, saving valuable time.