Adeptrix Corp.

Adeptrix has its roots deeply embedded in a commitment to transform the way we approach diagnostics. The company was founded by a team of visionaries who recognized the need for more accurate and efficient diagnostic tools in the rapidly advancing world of healthcare. The company leverages state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced molecular diagnostics and artificial intelligence, to deliver results that are not only reliable but also rapid. In an era where time is of the essence, Adeptrix’s solutions are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the insights they need in record time.

It’s BAMS™ Assays have been configured to monitor key proteins in various areas of Biology and cellular signaling. BAMS™ Assays is typically used to determine mechanism of action (drug discovery, disease biology, tissue engineering, stem cell development),  perform multiplexed targeted protein profiling for biomarker discovery, monitor proteins & post-translational modifications modulated within key signaling pathways and more.

Adeptrix began working with FreeMind Group back in 2021 in order to secure non-dilutive funding for their research and development in creating proteomic assays for translational research.

As Adeptrix Corp. continues to redefine diagnostics, one breakthrough at a time, the impact of their work reverberates across the healthcare landscape, promising a future where precision and innovation are synonymous with diagnostic excellence.