Sapience Therapeutics

Sapience is a clinical stage biotechnology company forging a new class of peptide-based cancer therapeutics. The idea behind creating Sapience Therapeutics was in order to solve a long-standing industry challengs; druffing intracellular protein complexes. Sapience Therapeutics saught to find an innovative way to identify ideal peptides targeting elusive transcription factors and convert them into high-impact, stable, and well-tolerated cancer therapies.

The Sapience Therapeutics programs and platform are built by a team of experts with decades of experience in peptide chemistry, molecular biology, and oncologic drug development.

Sapience Therapeutics started their journey with FreeMind Group back in 2019, on a mission to secure non-dilutive funding for their research and development in the oncology sector, to be able to identify and enhance novel peptide molecules, and push the boundaries of pepetide innovation.

“At Sapience, we are are committed to improving the lives of patients with cancer.  Our team focuses on advancing our therapies from discovery through clinical studies in the most rapid and efficient way.  A key component of this strategy is to secure research grants with leading organizations to help us achieve our goals faster for the benefit of patients,” commented Barry Kappel, PhD, MBA, President, CEO and Founder of Sapience Therapeutics. “The Freemind Consulting Group is our trusted partner in identifying and winning several important non-dilutive funding grants, helping us advance our pipeline into Phase 1-2 clinical studies.  We are honored by this award from Freemind and look forward to continuing to optimize our pipeline together.”

Sapience Therapeutics FreeMind Elite Presentation at NDFS 2024