Connect life science and healthcare executives with capital and partners at Investival Showcase 2023

As part of Europe’s biggest dedicated healthcare investment week, Investival Showcase serves as an incredible Biotech, Healthtech and Medtech Networking & Pitching Event in London, and as the only official partner of the annual Jefferies Healthcare Conference, Investival Showcase and Lifestars are the official kick-off to the biggest week in European healthcare.

Don’t miss out on the largest gathering of industry leaders of the year.

Healthcare is converging! And as the lines between Biopharma, Healthtech/Digital health and traditional Medtech are blurring, be a part of the event where all 3 areas are covered and where learning, partnering and networking are encouraged acoess the whole healthcare ecosystem.

What can you expect at Investival Showcase?

  • Network with 1000+ attendees
  • Meet with 350+ investors and strategics
  • Attend 150+ showcases
  • Participate in 1:1 partnering
  • Listen to 200+ speakers

And so much more!

About the event organizer: LSX

LSX is the Life Science eXecutive partnering community. They connect biotech, medtech & healthtech executives with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses.