Dr. Charles Cywin serves as the Program Director for the Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network. The BPN has produced six successful investigational new drugs advancing to Phase I trials with projects now in Phase II and III testing.

He also spearheads the HEAL Initiative: Non-addictive Analgesic Therapeutics Development to Treat Pain. He leads and coordinates the portfolio of neuroscience and pain drug discovery projects ranging from early discovery to Phase I trials.

He is also the Contract Officer Representative for several large NIH R&D contracts.

Prior to joining NIH, Dr. Cywin spent 17 years at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals where he was Director of Medicinal Chemistry and was responsible for Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization programs.

Dr. Cywin holds a PhD from Syracuse University where he was a University Fellow and focused on natural product synthesis. He was a postdoctoral fellow with Professor E. J. Corey at Harvard focusing on asymmetric catalysis.