Dr. Richard Yu is Co-Founder and CEO of Abalone Bio. He has played many different roles in the startup world. In 2008, he co-founded GPB, an algae biofuel startup. He was also Scientific and Operations Director at MBC Biolabs, the leading biotech incubator in San Francisco, and Principal at Mission Bay Capital, a life science VC fund. Prior to that, he was an investigator at The Molecular Sciences Institute studying how cells process information.

Dr. Yu holds a PhD in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics from Yale University. He also has degrees in Biophysics and Computer Science from Yale, and in AI and Graphics from UC Berkeley.

Abalone Bio is developing antibody therapeutics for difficult-to-drug GPCR and ion channel targets using Abalone Bio’s Functional Antibody Selection Technology, the first biological-computational platform to discover antibodies that modulate difficult-to-drug membrane protein targets.

Abalone Bio is the first company to win funding from FreeMind Investments.

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