New Partnership Between the FreeMind Group and Medicen

A new partnership deal was signed between Medicen Paris Region and the FreeMind Group. Based on the terms of this new deal, Medicen will cover a portion of the cost for consulting services provided by the FreeMind Group. Specifically, Medicen will cover the first €15,000 for services provided by the FreeMind Group for companies who are members of Paris Region Medicen and who sign with the FreeMind Group.

Medicen Paris Region is a competitiveness cluster for innovative health technologies. There are over 350 member companies, research centers, universities, hospitals and local authorities in the Medicen cluster. Medicen works to make the Paris region one of Europe’s leading healthcare cluster, by focusing on five strategic areas: biological diagnostics, diagnostic and interventional imaging, regenerative medicine and biomaterials, digital health and translational medicine.

For more information, please contact Beth Zalcman: