In this webinar, we discuss the preparation of your budget and welcome Jameson & Company, LLC to co-present and share more about what you need to know about managing the budget once you’ve won your grant.

Assembling a budget for your grant is typically the last item to be addressed as the figures you are suggesting must reflect the work you are proposing to complete. That said, simply stating the cost per item is hardly enough.

A properly constructed justification is mandatory and weighs heavily on approval of your budget. When comprising the budget, one must ensure an accurate completion of the document while adhering to NIH guidelines and stipulations. Items such as indirect costs, sub-contractors, sub-awards, salaries, and even travel expenses must be completed correctly. This becomes increasingly difficult when large and complex applications have several budgets feeding into one.

In this live presentation, you will discover:

• What are the different sections of the NIH budget
• What are calendar months and how they are calculated
• How to create your budget justification
• Recent changes to the budget forms in grant applications
• Budget forms and formats in ASSIST
• Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them

• What you need to do to have an acceptable accounting system
• Two quick questions you can ask you accountant and KNOW if you are ok or not
• The annual True-Up report that you need to prepare
• How and when that True-Up report gets audited
• The most common mistakes to avoid
• The cost of non-compliance
• Federal Acquisition Regulations: Part 30 & 31

View the webinar slide deck

To discuss the preparation of your NIH grant application and to learn about non-dilutive funding that may be relevant to your organization, send us a note and we’ll get in touch with you directly!