Ofra Shai, M.Sc.

Senior Consultant and Group Leader

Ofra Shai has been an asset to the FreeMind consultancy department since joining in 2015. She has assisted universities and biotech companies, both in the US and abroad, secure federal funding from various funding mechanisms. In addition to her many contributions as a Senior Grant Consultant, Ofra was a key initiator of the Quality Assurance Team at FreeMind, developing processes and practices that ensure consistent high-quality work on projects.
Ofra is a certified pharmacist; she completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her master’s research was focused on pharmacokinetics and drug permeability enhancement as part of a collaborative multi-disciplinary research. She is knowledgeable in various fields of life sciences and drug development.
Ofra leads by example, managing her team to personal and professional fulfillment.